Workforce Screening Test

Benefits for clients:
Time and cost efficienc
Trusted methodology according to HIMPSI
Tailor made based on company culture
Higher people engagement

As part of ESG alignment,a workforce screening test is a tool used by employers to assess the qualifications, skills, and overall suitability of job applicants. The test could include cognitive ability tests, personality tests, and skills tests. The purpose of a workforce screening test is to help employers identify the most qualified candidates for a given position and to ensure that the new hires will be a good fit for the company and its ESG culture. Workforce screening test ca provide a number of benefits to employers, including:

Identifying qualified candidates: Screening tests can help employers identify job applicants with the skills, qualifications, and cognitive abilities necessary to perform the job effectively.

Improving job performance: By selecting applicants who are well-suited for the job, employers can improve overall job performance and reduce turnover rates.

Reducing risks: Screening tests can help employers identify potential issues such as drug use or criminal history, which can help reduce the risk of workplace accidents or legal problems.

Compliance with laws: Some industries have specific legal requirements around workforce screening, and using such tests can help employers stay in compliance with these laws.

Enhancing the company’s reputation: Companies that engage in the thorough screening of their employees can enhance their reputation as responsible and professional organizations.

Improving safety: Some types of screening tests can help employers identify employees who may pose a risk to the safety of others in the workplace.

Cost savings: By identifying the best candidates, employers can reduce recruitment and training costs, as well as the costs associated with poor job performance or employee turnover.

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